spirit lights
Would you refer to yourself as 'Spiritual but not Religious'?
Are you interested in a World Spirituality?
Do you want to have a rigorous and complete spiritual life without having to live in a monastery?
Meditation made simple and effective - drawing on the most direct paths to awakening such as Tibetan Dzogchen, Zen Shikantaza, and Hindu Vedanta 'Self Enquiry'.
Help with meditation posture.
Learn to meditate while you are carrying out normal daily tasks.
Prayer - without having to talk to an old, bearded man who lives in the sky!
Visualisation - unleash the power of your imagination to heal and transform.
Understand Spirit in 1st person, 2nd person and 3rd person perspectives, as I, We and It.
Contemporary Non-Dual Tantra (Being and Becoming) – learn to work with the two seemingly opposing forces within you: that which is unchanging, silent, only in the present moment, perfect, and that within you that is always striving for more evolution and change.
I like to use practices such as the Headless Way pioneered by Douglas Harding, and the Big Mind Process created by Genpo Roshi, to facilitate direct experiences of these different spiritual perspectives.