There are a bewildering number of different ways you can work with your body, and it can be very difficult to know where to start!
But, the good news is that maintaining a healthy body can be really simple, enjoyable, and quick. Most of the confusion comes from fitness gurus and companies competing to sell you their equipment, nutrition supplement, or method. The key is to aim for health and longevity as a life-long practice, not a quick fix.
I offer advice and demonstrations on how to set up practices and habits that nourish your body.
Did you know that studies have shown that strength training makes you a better meditator?
Strength Training
I mainly use body-weight exercises because I find them to be lots of fun, and they provide functional strength that translates into the normal day-to-day movements. These exercises can involve no equipment (push ups, squat jumps etc.) or basic equipment (climing ropes, gym rings, pull up bar, dip bar) Body-weight exercises are also very scalable. You can start with easy versions, and work up towards very challenging exercises that require some serious strength. 
Cardiovascular Training

I prefer cardio training that is brief and intense, which evidence suggests is more effective and less draining on your body than long low intensity exercise. A typical sessions would be 20 minutes or less and involve High Intensity Interval Training (which means work hard, rest, work hard, short intervals)
Healthy Eating

How to eat healthily is a subject that is permeated with bad advice, fads, and clever product marketing. But, the reality is that it can be very simple and enjoyable. Over the years I have tried all the weird and wonderful diets out there, and have landed on what I believe to be a truly sane and sustainable approach.